using low-cost battery-less tags

No battery
very low cost tags

of tags

30 to 50 m
beacon distance

~6 cm²
flex tags

0 s to 10 min
position update

30 cm
3D precision

How much does it cost you to perform man-made inventories, to search for lost assets, and to conduct continuous tracking of goods coming in or out of your warehouses?

Probably way too much!

Our disruptive location and identification solution is based on battery-less and low-cost tags suited for high volume assets.

It enables a continuous visualisation of all assets, in 3D, with an accuracy of 30 cm. Reliability, accuracy & cost savings are industrials, logistics and retail player’s challenges that only our solution satisfies, allowing them to focus on their core Business.

UWINLOC's solution can benefit your business in several ways:

Continuous inventory savings

Lost part savings

Improved productivity of operators on site.

In & Out assetsflow monitoring

UWINLOC has been selected by Airbus among 150 other innovative projects to integrate the First season of the “Airbus Bizlab”.

Airbus BizLab is a global aerospace business accelerator with a co-working space. Start-ups and Airbus entrepreneurs create and share in an extended innovation ecosystem, and work in an open entrepreneurial community. Airbus support and trust has been great in helping us to bring our unique and disruptive UWINLOC solution to the market.

UWINLOC occupies a key place in Toulouse.

The Leading IoT, Aerospace, Geolocalisation and Embedded Systems European Hub is the perfect place for a high-tech company and to fulfil our thirst for innovation and excellence.

With 160 000 High-Tech & Industrial jobs, 1650 Companies, 8500 Researchers and more than 4000 Students graduating every year; Toulouse gathers in its heart, the leading Industry Players with a worldwide footprint, recognised engineering Schools, and Universities, an exciting start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the leading research centres and laboratories.

When time, robustness, reliability, and accuracy really matter, we provide the optimum solution to track and locate your key assets simultaneously on multiple sites.


Logistics & Transport



..and a wide range of specialised storage and distribution players

UWINLOC's team comes from diverse cultures, has different skills and unique perspectives...

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